2014 – 2015 NAFBAS Committee List

Executive Committee

Conducts the annual meeting, makes committee assignments, conducts the Board of Directors meeting, and carries out duties as provided in the by-laws and as directed by the membership through the Board of Directors.
NameLocationPosition Held
Don NitchieMinnesotaPresident
Mark WoodKansasVice-President
Anthony BarrettNebraskaSecretary - Treasurer
James HuschkaKansasFormer - President
Bob RheaIllinoiExecutive Director


Assist in the planning of the upcoming National meeting with the host state. Develop additional professional development opportunities as directed by the membership. Select the rotation for hosting the NAFBAS annual meeting.
Jim McCabe (IL) - ChairDon Nitchie (MN)Katelyn Thompson (MI)Cody Stewart (IL)Robert Page (AL)
Virginia Berger (IA)Scott Laird (KS)Joel Marquis (IL)Rush Midkiff (KY)Michelle Greenlee (NE)


Combines the efforts of three previous committees: Association Analysis, Farmer Usage of Computers, and Tax Preparation with Computers. To provide methods for members to stay informed of technology by advances which assist our programs. To study various analysis programs. To study new computer software. To suggest services NAFBAS members can utilize to enhance our programs.
Rob Holcomb (MN) - ChairLaura Powers (KY)Mitch Fickling (IL)Mark Dikeman (KS)Brad Zwilling (IL)
Mark Wood (KS)Dan Entile (IL)Adam Kantrovich (MI)Tabitha Weber (WI)


Combines the efforts of four previous committees: Audit, Membership, Policy, and Public Relations. Conduct annual audit of NAFBAS treasurer books. Monitor, review, and recommend changes to by-laws and code of ethics. Work with host state to provide publicity for NAFBAS meeting and for member recognition in their local area. Recognize new members and retiring members.
Mike Bruns (IL) - ChairJared Gonnering (WI)Carla Doubet (IL)
Ruth Ann McGrew (IL)Debra Lueloff (WI)Tarrah Hardin (KY)

Professional Papers

Conduct an event to recognize efforts by members to submit professional papers for review at the NAFBAS annual meeting.
Kent Vickre (IA) - ChairMichael Harer (WI)Dwight Raab (IL)Jerry Pierce (KY)Kevin Herbel (KS)

National Farm Financial Standards

Serve as the NAFBAS representative on the FFS committee, keep our members updated on the developments and issues related to FFS, and carry our concerns and positions to FFS.
Kent Meister (IL) - ChairDale Nordquist (MN)Roberta Boarman (IL)Renee Setzer (WI)
Anthony Barrett (NE)Bob McHugh (IA)Charles Wilken (KS)Jonathan Shepherd (KY)

Conference Resource & Fundraising

This committee works with NRFBMEA to solicit funds for conference support.
Adam Drinkall (IL)Brett Goodwin (IL)Jim McCabe (IL)Wayne Pike (MN)Will Walter (SD)

2015 Conference Planning

Brett Goodwin (IL)Carla Doubet (IL)Adam Drinkall (IL)Jim McCuistion (CO)
Doug Hileman (IL)Mark Holkup (ND)Jim McCabe (IL)

2016 Conference Planning

Alissa Fosdick (IL)Don Nitchie (MN)Bob Rhea (IL)

2017 Conference Planning

** To be selected at the 2015 Business Meeting. **